Contesting 2009

March 2010

The Contest Award for the WPX CW as Single OP, Assisted, High Power, 20m has arrived:

4th place in EU and 7th Worldwide :-)



October 2009

Our Contest Award for HB9CA as Multi/2 in the CQ WW CW 2008 has arrived - 5th Place in EU, 15th WW

June 2009

Just received the award for HB9CA, Letzi DX Group, for the 1st Place in the Helvetia Contest, Multi-OP mixed:

May 2009

CQ Worldwide WPX Contest as HB9DDO, Single-OP assisted, HP, 20m:

1'275 QSOs, 689 Multis, claimed score: 1'604'681 Pts (25.5h operating)

from Station HB9CA

April 2009

Helvetia Contest with Letzi DX Group as HB9CA with Operators HB9BGV, HB9BTL, HB9CAT, HB9DDO, HB9FMU

Roughly 1'450 QSOs and 669k points claimed score are ok for those spotless times...

May 12th the preliminary result were published by Dominik, HB9CZF, at

This looks ok Smile

Category Multi-OP Mixed High Power:

Call Kt QSO Mul Score
HB9CA AG 1447 290 658590
HE8CC AR  876 219 257544
HB4FE ZH  961 216 254232